Children’s Comic: Aychu and the Bees (Vol. 3)

by Fabelizer Movies One LLP
  • Book Author : Fabelizer Movies One LLP
  • Promo Start : 10/10/2018
  • Promo End : 10/12/2018
  • Category : Children's & Middle Grade
  • Original Price : $2.99

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Book Description

Somethings harming the bees in Oakswood, and the environment could be in big trouble if someone does not get to the bottom of it. Aychu thinks Belinda Blooms new fertilizer spray is to blame, and everything will be okay once she lets her know. After all, Belinda Bloom is Aychus hero, and the star of Sonic Bloom, Aychus favourite show about the environment. They are definitely on the same side. They must be. Are not they? Is Belinda not who she claims to be? Will Aychu Save the Bees?

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