Choose to Have High Self-esteem

by Dorothy Wehunt
  • Book Author : Dorothy Wehunt
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Book Description

Would you like to have greater success and happiness in your life? Do you have goals you want to achieve or dreams you want to fulfill? Would you like less stress in your life? Do you want better relationships? If you answered yes, you want to read this book. Choose to Have High Self-Esteem provides strategies, methods, and techniques to build high self-esteem and maintain or protect it. An abundance of examples explains and illustrates the content presented. Questions provided at the end of the chapters will help you apply the information to gain high self-esteem. Discover how to: • Accept yourself and belong • Let go of self-defeating thoughts and create positive self-talk. • Self-doubt • Deal with mistakes and overcome failure • Get your needs met • Overcome rejection, fear, and shame • Handle criticism and manage internal and external conflict • Make Confident decisions • Forgive yourself and others • Gain greater confidence and success

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