Clean Eating: Cookbook And Guide to Restore Your Body’s Natural Balance and Eat Healthy

by Lela Gibson
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Book Description

When we hear the word “diet” we are often reminded of salads and soups that do not taste good. However, not all diets ask you to settle for bland food that is stripped of flavor. In fact, you do not have to follow a fad diet to enhance health, as a clean diet will do the trick for you. A clean diet refers to subjecting the body to clean foods. Clean foods are all natural and those that are free from chemicals and toxins. Staving off consumption of such foods can put your health on the right track. To give you a head start, this book has been written to teach you the meaning and importance of clean eating. It provides you with simple recipes that can be adapted to enhance good health. The book has been designed to facilitate easy reading and you will find it simple to navigate through the different chapters.

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