Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Vegetables

by April D Brown
  • Book Author : April D Brown
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Book Description

Sixty-two fun filled, delicious gluten and allergy free recipes! Fresh from your back porch garden, or the local farmers market, field to table in less than an hour. Safely grow, cook, and enjoy your childhood favorites - beans, squash, corn, and potatoes. A simple garden that produces enough vegetables for a year isn't very large. It doesn't have to be much larger than your living room to fill your freezer and pantry with plenty. In fact, there are so many vertical growing options these days, that the amount of space needed to grow a year's supply of vegetables can be considerably less. Fresh vegetables can be canned, or frozen. It is often easier, safer, and quicker to simply chop and freeze them as they ripen. Even dried beans can be frozen in single serving bags or containers. Aluminum foil packets work well, when labeled. Grill recipes included. Vegetables can be delightful on the grill. Some aluminum pans on the grill add an off flavor, if so, learn to make grill packets. A vegetable casserole is included at the end, without gluten or allergens. Vegetables - 269 pages - Arial size 14

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