Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook

by Christopher Lester
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Book Description

The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook is an exhaustive guide to using your electric smoker effectively. Inside the BBQ recipe book you will find: - WHAT IS AN ELECTRIC SMOKER. You will get acquainted with the possibilities, benefits, maintenance tips of electric smokers. - KINDES OF WOOD. Each dish goes with its own kind of wood. - EAT TASTY AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE. 50+ delicious recipes for any occasion or mood. - THE MEALS LOOK DELICIOUS. Beautiful photos help you to choose the most mouth-watering dish. - NOT ONLY MEAT. You will discover tasty recipes for different kinds of food. And you may find your favorite. - COOK IT EASY. Clear & exhaustive instructions for your Electric Smoker provided no-fuss cooking. - HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO COOK? Each recipe is provided by cooking and preparation time. This cookbook includes tasty recipes for - Beef - Pork - Turkey - Lamb - Vegetables Turn on your electric smoker and invite over all your friends! There is no party quite like a party where you know there is going to be food aplenty to feast upon. In The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook, you will find a plethora of BBQ recipes, all designed for you to get started and cooking more quickly than you ever thought possible. There is now no reason for you to ever feel intimidated by your electric smoker. You can dive in and make it your own, becoming a master of BBQ sauces and electric smoker recipes in no time at all.

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