by V.M. Marsh

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Book Description

Avoiding entanglements of any kind, dark and snarky Scarlet is on the run from a magical stalker. When she meets Cade, Emma, and Charlie at a magic sanctuary, she learns to wield her own power and grudgingly trust again. As Cade and Scarlet awkwardly fight their mutual attraction, can she become good enough with magic to survive her stalker? Even when it turns out her stalker is the greatest known threat to magic? Find out in CONCEALED BY MAGIC. Curl up with this edgy but humorous Urban Fantasy Romance infused with magic and budding friendships. Discover the power of learning to love yourself and others when you come along on this fun-filled adventure that will haunt you long after it's complete. ****Warning: Sexual content and adult language awaits you between these pages. Proceed only if you like that sort of thing and you're old enough for it.****

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