Conspiracy (The Fourth Age: Shadow Wars Book 2)

by David Pauly

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Book Description

Lithir and Bruno are sent to find out who plotted to kill Prince Alfrahil.But centuries of distrust between their races must be overcome, if they are to be successful in their mission. As the unlikely duo enters the Dwarven mines of Nerea, they are confronted by a maniacal, religious sect. The Flame Priests’ lust for power threatens to consume all Dwarves with their hatred towards Elves and Men.Treachery stalks the two at every turn. Desperate to learn the secrets of an ancient seer, the duo travels deep into both the Elven and Dwarven realms, facing their most dire challenges yet.They must rely on each other to survive. But can they escape the traps set for them by their very own people?

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