Coping with Death

by Evelyn Lane
  • Book Author : Evelyn Lane
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Book Description

Unfortunately, death is a natural part of life. Yet when it happens, we go through a grieving process that feels anything but natural. Grief is that unbearable sense of agony we feel when we lose someone dear to us; it is an unpredictable and painful experience, filled with intense emotions. In order to get through it - without feeling altogether hopeless, further traumatizing yourself, or becoming depressed - it's important to learn how to deal with your grief effectively. And that’s exactly what this book is here to help you with. Although losing someone dear to you can be devastating, you need to understand that life must go on and time heals all wounds. Together we'll walk step by step through the phases of grief and the healing process, and you'll start to notice that every day you feel a little better than the day before. If you're ready to learn how to help yourself get through one of life's dark moments so that you can once again see the light, then let's get started.

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