Crazy Cruise (Short sex story ) (1)

by Jason Hash
  • Book Author : Jason Hash
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  • Promo End : 12/11/2017
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Book Description

Samantha is an accomplished business lady, born in San-Francisco in a family of a successful entrepreneur. Having graduated from a university, she started her own company, which grew really fast. In a year Samantha married the son of her rivals, taking over their business. The determined and successful lady was constantly dominating over her husband; eventually he took a back seat. Once when she came to the office unexpectedly, she walked in on her husband and his secretary. He was fucking that whore right on his desk. Without a single word Samantha called her lawyers and commanded them to rip him off and kick him out of their apartment. Then she bought a ticket to a cruise liner "Elizabeth" to banish the depressing thoughts and cut loose.

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