Crosswinds: Past, Present, and Future Combine

by April D Brown
  • Book Author : April D Brown
  • Promo Start : 02/09/2018
  • Promo End : 02/17/2018
  • Category : Action & Adventure
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Book Description

As a cultural anthropologist, Terra is always outside, looking in. After studying and recording hundreds of cultures around the world, she thinks she lives to record the past, to save it for the future. Her winter reprieve in a tiny village of mixed heritage families should be no different. Terra expects these life stories of the elders to be simple and routine. Only. Never before has she been expected to participate in the village life. Sure. She's rocked a baby, cooked a meal, shared memories. No more. No true connection to anyone. Not in a village. Not in Boston. Only one person she calls a friend. This tiny village of people stuck between cultures is different. Their fragmented stream of life sweeps her off her feet, and threatens all she knows of her own past, and future. Some members wish the whole village to flounder on the border of the only homeland they know. She must tame the stream back into its banks, and strengthen it for the future. Terra risks her past, future, and one friendship in the world, to try to rescue this village. And the children she has begun to call her own. Author's Note: Rating: PG. Profanity: None. Romance: Alluded to. Sex: None. Violence: Light. Anger and fear. POV Characters: Terra Length: 43,060 words Regular Print - Arial Size 12 - 173 pages Large Print - Arial Size 16 - 218 pages

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