Crown of the Ember

by Lory La Selva Paduano

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Book Description

Jordan Valentis is a young girl with omnipotent power held by the hands of her ancestors. Determined by an ancient oracle in a far away land of the uncharted and secluded tribe, she enters a different faith in secrecy for the prosperity of her kind in Villania. Curious about her home land, Jordan is a rambunctious child at first, who explores the world around her, and becomes deeply intrigued by the (Arcana Wigwam) - a place highly guarded, possessing a powerful enigma that has Jordan desperate for answers, for which she hadn't been successful in her young year, in reaching its core. Destined to be an (Oriborn) she quickly adjusts to all that is thrown her way, and becomes the (Alpha and Omega) of all that walks and breaths in the world to come. Will Jordan ever uncover the mystery of the Arcana Wigwam, or will (Adriaticus) hold the key to their future?

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