Crystal White

by David DeLee

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Book Description

WITH NOTHING LEFT TO LIVE FOR, WILL EVEN DEATH SATISFY HIS NEED FOR REVENGE? AND IF SO, WHOSE? In California, DEA agent Nick Lafferty led the investigation to eradicate a new and deadly form of synthetic crack cocaine called Crystal White. An investigation that took from him everything he cherished,and left Lafferty a broken man. A man with nothing to live for. Now, the street poison Crystal White again floods the streets, this time in the northern suburbs of New York City. Aided by his ex-partner, Delmar Harley, an alcoholic cop on the edge and dogged by a beautiful assistant district attorney who believes the DEA agent's gone rogue, Nick Lafferty relentlessly embarks on a dark and vengeful journey of revenge, mounting a full-on assault against the Crystal White drug cartel. Nick Lafferty will stop at nothing to make them pay...with their lives--or his. Book One in the exciting Nick Lafferty Thriller Series by Award-winning Author David DeLee "Crystal White is a dark portrayal of the evil that men--and women--can do." - SUSPENSE MAGAZINE "It's a perfect fit in the crime detective novel world." - READERS VIEWS The Nick Lafferty Series (in chronological order): * Crystal White * Out Of The Game *Too Far (Crossover with Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter)

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