Curing Acid Reflux: Discover the vital link

by Bala Mookoni

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Book Description

Acid reflux is a very common disease in modern times. Drugs treating heartburn from acid reflux, also known as GERD, are amongst the highest selling drugs in the world. Yet people who suffer from acid reflux appear to be condemned for a lifetime of medicine for this condition. Apart from the money spent on them, what is of more concern is that these drugs, despite being some of the safest drugs, may have many silent side effects on prolonged use. This book suggests simple lifestyle adjustments that can cure acid reflux naturally. Where this book differs from others is in establishing the link between reflux and breathing. With simple exercises and lifestyle changes to bring breathing back on the track of balance, this book is valuable for not only people with acid reflux but also for those with digestive ailments and for anyone looking for simple natural ways to higher health and energy levels.

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