Dagger 2 – Blood Brothers – A Dark Fantasy Adventure

by Walt Popester

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Book Description

DOWNLOAD BOOK 1 FOR FREE ON AMAZONAfter the troubled journey which has brought him away from the world Beyond, Dagger awakens within the safe walls of the Fortress. But danger is far from gone. It no longer has the sinister appearance of a shadow searching for him in the wrecks of Melekesh, nor of a Tankar hunting him down in the bowels of the earth. Now the enemy comes from within. Internal conflict is tearing the Guardians apart, as war knocks at their door. What is the face of the nightmare no one dares to fight? What’s hidden in the ancient ruins of Adramelech, that seem to have a will of their own, manipulating and crushing the lives of those approaching to hear their whispers? Dagger is a saga of five novels. You can find book 1, Dagger - The Light at the End of the World, free on Amazon and other major online retailers. The third book, Dagger 3 - God of Emptiness, is now available on Amazon worldwide!Categories: free dark fantasy books free horror series free adventure ebooks journeys top 100 free coming of age free kindle books free dark novel free kindle fantasy for young adults free outlander adventure books free fantasy kindle books free kindle fantasy for teens free free dark fantasy adventures winds of winter fantasy outlander series free epic fantasy ebooks

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