Dance with the Devils: Revenge: Best served bloody (Nate & Clare Book 3)

by Kwen Griffeth
  • Book Author : Kwen Griffeth
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

A Brutal Murder Brings Nate Out Of RetirementAfter a savage murder leaves the crime scene looking like a slaughterhouse, Jack Mill can see he is in over his head. Fortunately, he knows just the man for the job, Nate Burns. Trouble is that Nate is retired. Regardless, Jack sets out to do what he can to bring the retired detective to Vegas. ˃˃˃ More Than A Simple RequestIt seems like a straightforward job, but it will lead Nate not only on a manhunt across the country but also back in time thirty years where he will struggle to understand the implications of the Cold War.All the while, Nate continues to struggle as he comes to terms with being medically retired from the department. Unsure who he is any longer, he hesitates to accept the challenge. For the first time, he's afraid he might fail.˃˃˃ Dance with the Devils is the third installment in the AWARD WINNING Nate and Clare series. “It is one of those rare read-in-one-sitting novels. I hate to use the phrase, “I couldn’t put it down,” but the term, without question, applies in this case. Griffeth’s writing has a seamless flow that sucks the reader in from the first page.” ”" Thomas AndersonScroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!

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