Dangerous Doctor: A Medical Thriller (Dr. Annabel Tilson Novels Book 6)

by Barbara Ebel
  • Book Author : Barbara Ebel
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

Is Annabel Tilson’s imagination playing tricks on her? Or is Dr. Gillespie, the pediatrician she’s shadowing, a bit unusual? Annabel’s last significant medical school rotation is upon her. Falling into the dependable role as a student in his private office, she watches, learns, and keeps her mouth shut. ˃˃˃ Although this book can stand alone, DANGEROUS DOCTOR is the riveting conclusion of the Dr. Annabel Tilson Series! As many situations in the doctor’s office become suspect, Annabel’s boyfriend is immersed in her medical and personal life like never before. And for her young patients, there is nothing worse than being dragged into Dr. Gillespie’s office. The muck and mire from the contemptible doctor intensifies until it comes to a pivotal head. ˃˃˃ At the end of DANGEROUS DOCTOR, Annabel’s personal and medical school journey comes to a mournful, yet joyful, ending. You can stake your next office visit on it! Scroll up and grab a copy of Dangerous Doctor today. *****This is the sixth book in the medical and personal adventures of Dr. Annabel Tilson, but each book can stand alone.Book One: DEAD STILLBook Two: DEADLY DELUSIONSBook Three: DESPERATE TO DIEBook Four: DEATH GRIPBook Five: DOWNRIGHT DEADBook Six: DANGEROUS DOCTORAn EBook Box Set for Books 1-3 and Books 4-6 is also available.

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