Death is Her Name

by Anupam Mohapatra
  • Book Author : Anupam Mohapatra
  • Promo Start : 12/07/2018
  • Promo End : 12/11/2018
  • Category : Erotica / Kindle Unlimited
  • Original Price : $2.99

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Book Description

When the Pacific Diamonds Jewelry store is targeted by a gang of hardened criminals one evening, it seems like the perfect heist. Planned by Troy and his partner John, the five Mexican raiders simply have to carry out the job before being whisked south of the border again. But their plans take a sudden turn for the worse when a plain clothes police officer stumbles across the robbery. In the shootout that follows, several people, including Troy, are killed, and the gang must make a hasty escape after killing a woman and stealing her car. Now, on the loose in a strange city, the gang know they must find a safe place to lie low. And what they discover seems perfect. At the end of a quiet suburban street, well away from the crime scene and wailing police sirens, they find a house with a sole occupant. The captive girl is beautiful and alluring, but she also harbors knowledge of the crimes committed by them. Now, as they settle in for the night, they feel safe and secure in their hideout. But something is stalking the gang as they rest. And before long they will be wishing the police had arrested them.

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