death said no

by talia mason
  • Book Author : talia mason
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  • Category : Horror / Kindle Unlimited
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Book Description

You would think that discovering that you are unable to die in a world overrun by the undead horde, populated by only zombies and a few desperate human survivors, would be considered an advantage perhaps even a blessing yet to Gracie it's a curse.   The truth is that when Gracie discovered that she couldn't die she was actually trying to do just that and like so many others saw suicide as a merciful release from the loneliness and hardship of being forever hunted in a world that no longer has the amenities that they once took for granted.   Yet just because Gracie couldn't be killed by her own had did not mean that she could not be turned or suffer pain or injury and the dead were all to keen to do her harm even if they didn't seem to see her as a food source.   Gracie, it seems, is left with only one choice and that is to take this new life that has been thrust upon her and that she has found herself unable to put an end too and make it worth living… Gracie this means leaving her two bedroom semi, with redundant gas central heating, no power and no water supply, and finding herself a new home where she can begin her new life and make it work for her.   Gracie soon discovers that life surrounded by the ravenous and mindless undead really is nothing like the movies portray it to be.

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