Delectable Desserts

by KC Thorson
  • Book Author : KC Thorson
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Book Description

This book is designed to introduce foods and flavorings that will serve to satisfy your sweet tooth while helping you to continue on a healthy organic and gluten-free dietary and cooking lifestyle. Please note that the recipes in this book are those created, tweaked and/or recreated by author and organic cooking coach KC Thorson, through the past 10 – 30 years. All recipes are kitchen tested, updated and most all have been shared via cooking classes and with family and friends. This book represents a fabulous way to indulge in sweet, creamy and delectable treats suitable for those desiring gluten-free and digestive friendly foods, condiments and flavorings. Each recipe uses low-glycemic, whole and organic foods ingredients coupled with natural sweeteners, healthy fats and unprocessed grain-free flours to recreate the flavors and textures that we love to indulge in!

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