by Melle Amade

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Book Description

First comes the rain, and follows the flood. Escaping the Hunters was only the beginning. Now, Shae and her friends are on a desperate journey to stay hidden from the Hunters, while still seeking the talismans that give El Oso his power. The only people who can help them are either dead or imprisoned by the Order. Breaking into the maximum-security shifter prison off the coast of New Orleans seems like the only option. But first, they have to make it there alive. The friends have to dig deep into the powers and strengths lying dormant in each of them to survive the cross-country pursuit. As they do, they uncover the very power that has made the Hunters mortal enemies to the shifters for thousands of years. Their new found power is like a beacon and Hunters descend like the flood trying to drown out the spark of light that is rising within the shifter world.

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