Demons, Harlots, and Slaves (Erotica Stories)

by D.L. Perello
  • Book Author : D.L. Perello
  • Promo Start : 02/24/2018
  • Promo End : 02/25/2018
  • Category : Erotica / Kindle Unlimited
  • Original Price : $2.99

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Book Description

Travel back in time with five erotic tales spanning from the Middle Ages to Victorian England. These stories will immerse you in dark and supernatural worlds with heroines and heroes fatefully confronting their deepest desires. Encounter demons tempting you in innocent disguise, a Lady of the castle who is master of all she surveys, a war nurse seduced by an enemy apparition, a caretaker finding ghostly love in a haunted mansion, and a young wife's unknowing journey into the blood lust of Transylvania. These stories will transport you to another place and time in ways that blur the lines between fear and arousal, repression and wantonness. Women will free themselves from the shackles of their times, and men will lead them to sin and beautiful oblivion. The past will come alive, vivid and inflamed, and you will never want to leave it!

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