DEPARTMENT X Presidential Trail

by John Lock

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Book Description

In an effort to combat the increasing rise of organized terrorist organizations, Intelligence Agencies throughout the world have agreed to pool their resources - but to a limited extent. Western powers, whilst more amenable, were still cautious about the amount and type of resources and data they are prepared to contribute. As most joint ventures were likely to be outside the U.K., and in an effort to control and monitor shared resources, the British Intelligence Agencies agreed to set up a separate department (department x) headed up by Bill Johnson of MI6. Kane Rhodes and Brian Jones were seconded from MI6 to develop a working relationship with, in the main, American Intelligence Agencies whilst still carrying on the normal duties of MI6. Presidential Trail is the first book in the series and a routine collection of an informant uncovers a potential assassination attempt on a Presidential candidate - and considerably more. Mystery, suspense and family secrets bring together all the resources of MI6, MI5, CIA and FBI in an effort to thwart a terrorist attack that could kill thousands of innocent people - if not considerably more.

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