Desert 1: Inside the Wall

by A. Tebbs

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Book Description

Questions can be dangerous . . . Alysse's senior year is stressful enough with exams, a nasty teacher, and a long time crush falling for her best friend Tori. Things start falling apart after she questions what she's taught at school about the enemy living right outside the city walls. Alysse soon finds herself entangled with guerillas, a seismic bomb, and a genocidal plot that will surely re-spark a Civil war. Alysse must decide who to trust as she seeks answers to the questions avoided by so many. Maybe they're afraid of the answers. Maybe they should be. "Inside the Wall by A. Tebbs is a fun and action-filled dystopian YA novel that really packs a punch! If you enjoyed The Hunger Games or The Divergent Series, you will love this one!" --Erica, Robyn Reads "(Desert) is a futuristic picture of a society segregated by stations of wealth and privilege will make you think. In many ways (Alysse's) world is chillingly familiar." --Peter H., N.Y. "Made the mistake of starting this book in the middle of the day and was unable to accomplish anything because I couldn't put it down! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!" --Kristi, Goodreads "Fabulous! Now I'm just bummed to not have the next book." –Lisa, WA

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