Desperate for her Wolves

by Tara West

Promo Price: $3.99

Book Description

Book three in the bestselling Hungry for Her Wolves Series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara West The threads of Amara’s happy life are quickly unraveling as external forces threaten to tear her family apart. Branded as a killer, a lone wolf’s fateful decision severs the truce between the Amaroki and the government. Trapped on the reservation, Amara and her mates struggle to find a way out to capture the lone wolf and save the one man who can heal the rift between wolfkind and mankind. But they are running out of time as a power-hungry federal agent and a blood-thirsty mob are closing in on Amara’s family. Amara must find a way to stop them before the conflict escalates into a full-scale war.

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