Diary of a SUPER CLONE – Book 1: The Battle: Books for Kids 9-12

by Katrina Kahler

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Book Description

Diary of a Super Clone...Book 1: The Battle…an exciting and hilarious book for kids ages 9 - 12 and beyond! Adam may look like a normal boy, but there is nothing normal about him. He’s a super-powered clone with a heap of very cool powers. Not only can he generate energy from his eyes, hands, feet, and butt, he is also capable of super farts that will take down the bad guys in one powerful blast. Along with the help of his best friend, Zeke the zombie, he battles against a purple 40-foot-tall tyrannosaurus rex, some very nasty slimes from Dimension F Minus and an attack from the boogers of destruction. But with some added help from Lia Strong (aka Super Teen from Diary of a Super Girl), he manages to save his foster family and Center City from evil. If you're looking for funny books for boys or funny books for girls, and you’re a fan of really cool funny books for kids that are filled with excitement and action, then Diary of a Super Clone is definitely for you!

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