Dirty Talk: Speak Your Dirty Mind! Why Your Words Will Turn Your Partner On

by Brian Hughes
  • Book Author : Brian Hughes
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  • Category : Erotica
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Book Description

Get Inspired by 400 Stolen Moments of Dirty Talk Brace yourself, fellow traveler of the world; this book is no ordinary read. It will likely challenge ideals which you’ve held for many years, and it may touch you in your most private places. Being a great dirty talker allows you to get dirty anytime, anywhere, and to do so with the confidence that your partner will be fully engaged in the act with you. In detail, this book allows you to - Stop playing the shame game and start taking what you want - Identify the best sources for your sexy vocabulary - Better understand your desires and choose the right words for you - Find the best approach to dipping your toes into dirty talk - Explore your partner‘s interests and boundaries - Get inspired by 400+ dirty talk examples for every situation - Experiment with seductive language for every kind of kink – from Vanilla to BDSM - Integrate dirty talk into different roleplay scenarios - Be intimate with your partner at any distance through the art of Sexting

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