Dog Raid

by Ranik Das

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Book Description

Maksim's Den, a cursed place situated on a hill top, gets two visitor- Viktor and Bogdan- on an evening, which triggers the curse allowing several fatal dog raids in the nearby villages. The two people fight their way through the dogs to rescue the villagers. On the other hand, their friend Okb, tries to reveal the mysteries behind the curse. These three set out on an thrilling adventure to stop the dog raid. Do they succeed in stopping the raid? Do they succeed in eroding the curse? Is there any curse? Or they are just being tricked? You want action, adventure and a mystery to solve. Then you are reading the right description of the right book. This is a long short thrilling story, with a mystery hidden within it. Reaching the end would be a thrilling bull ride, with lots of jolts and dogs. Viktor and Bogdan might crack the mystery. What about you? Read this book. I dare you to crack the puzzle?

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