Doggone Christmas: A Polly Parrett Cozy Murder Mystery – Book 1 (Pet-Sitter Cozy Mysteries)

by Liz Dodwell

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Book Description

As we neared the parking lot we heard raised voices coming from a nearby alley. Then very distinctly someone said, “Control that dog or I’ll shoot him!” That was enough for me. Without thinking I bolted round the corner yelling, “Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot.”In this riveting cozy murder mystery, Polly is juggling the care of her wheelchair-bound mother, her pet-sitting business and the sale of the family home. On top of that she finds herself having to deal with an arrogant but really sexy realtor, and Christmas is coming! None of that seems important, though, when she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation and must find the real killer before an innocent homeless man and his dog are wrongly convicted.A cute cozy murder mystery about pets and a special dog, you'll instantly be drawn into the story and won't want to put it down! Scroll up and grab it now!

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