Dollarworld: A Zombie Economy Tale

by Christopher Mazatek
  • Book Author : Christopher Mazatek
  • Promo Start : 03/31/2018
  • Promo End : 04/07/2018
  • Category : Horror
  • Original Price : $2.99

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Book Description

“Dollarworld: A Zombie Economy Tale” is a modern-day fable that takes place in an alternate universe in which the rules that govern the world’s Economies have gone completely mad and have spun completely out of control. It is the world of one Doctor Prometheus, who heads the board of directors of the mega-bank, the largest and the most important financial institution in Dollarworld. Faced with a growing national debt crisis, ate one stormy night, in the confines of a secret laboratory, he cleverly hatches his most dastardly scheme yet: to not simply “reboot” the dollar but rather to reanimate it, and to literally bring the national economy back to life from the dead. Unwittingly, however, he also creates the prototype of a new citizen to occupy and promote the newly, resurrected Economy: the Dollarworld Zombie. Soon a plague of the legion of the Hordes of Dollarworld Zombies, under the command of Prometheus, quickly spreads throughout all corners of the known world. Anyone who is still human and who has not yet turned into an economic Zombie, is immediately threatened. As a final resort they set about conducting their own resurrection ceremony. The historical figure they select to bring back to life is the only man capable of defeating Prometheus. He was a true genius, yet, by many he has also been derided as a disturbed person and a mad scientist. He is the Serbian-born inventor Nikola Tesla.

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