Don’t You Trust Me? – Two Dark Tales

by Derek J. Kenmuir
  • Book Author : Derek J. Kenmuir
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  • Promo End : 05/07/2018
  • Category : Horror / Kindle Unlimited
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Book Description

Author Derek J. Kenmuir delivers two outstanding short stories. Two magnificent, eerie, and utterly compelling tales. The Shortcut Home On any given day the shortcut home would take only five minutes, but on this night in particular Johnny Kingston's life changes forever. Have you ever wondered why the clown craze disappeared overnight? I dare you to take a peek inside. and, Today Was A Good Day, One man is pushed to his limits, can you restrain himself or does he snap. Is there bloodshed? does everyone get to go home? Will the fearless Officer Aguirre of Portside Road in the city of Richmond, British Columbia arrive in time? Who will be the last man laughing? Today Was A Good Day is loosely based on a true story, read it with caution..

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