Dork In Love ~ 80 Pages Book: Teen Romance Book [Excerpt] [For 12-16 yrs]

by Ann Writes
  • Book Author : Ann Writes
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Book Description

Fifteen-year-old Meg Davis feels invisible. Nobody knows her. Nobody notices her. And to tell you the truth, Meg doesn't care. The shy girl is happiest in her own world, in her own company. Until the day she falls head-over-heels for Richard. Now she can’t stop obsessing over stuff like…Will Rich ever notice her? Meg hopes he will. But so does every girl in her grade. Even the beautiful, confident Kendra has her heart set on him. Meg doesn't stand a chance, but she can't help herself.Will Rich like her back? The boy keeps sending mixed signals, but Kendra's message is clear: BACK OFF! Richard is her crush and she's not letting dorky Meg anywhere near him! Will Meg stand up for herself – for once?

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