Downright Dead: A Medical Thriller (Dr. Annabel Tilson Novels Book 5)

by Barbara Ebel
  • Book Author : Barbara Ebel
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

There is more to babies being born on the obstetric ward than meets the eye … Beaming with satisfaction, Annabel Tilson is ready to wrap up her third year of medical school. She sets foot on the obstetric ward of the University Hospital, where childbirth is both exhilarating and sometimes fraught with complications. This would normally be enough excitement for one rotation, but Annabel’s career is anything but normal. ˃˃˃ Is there something amiss with the obstetric ward’s medical care? Admitted to the OB floor, eighteen-year-old Mary Chandler is aglow with her seven-month pregnancy. She is diagnosed with hypertension and, after a flurry of medical testing and monitoring, Mary drifts off to sleep. Much to Annabel’s alarm, the next morning she finds the young woman’s room ultraquiet and her patient unusually still. ˃˃˃ Annabel soon makes a critical discovery … that labor and delivery is fraught with harrowing cliff-hangers which endanger the lives of patients and their unborn fetuses. Scroll up and grab a copy of Downright Dead today. *****This is the fifth book in the medical and personal adventures of Dr. Annabel Tilson, but each book can stand alone.Book One: DEAD STILLBook Two: DEADLY DELUSIONSBook Three: DESPERATE TO DIEBook Four: DEATH GRIPBook Five: DOWNRIGHT DEADBook Six: DANGEROUS DOCTOR

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