by Henry Smith
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Dr. Sebi stresses the fact that our bodies are made up of electricity. Not necessarily the electricity that comes from fire but the electricity that comes from minerals such as copper and carbon, together. Copper and Carbon together produces an electrical vibration inside of our bodies and very necessary for us to thrive on and maintain the proper health via alkalinity. We cannot achieve the necessary electric, alkaline diet through man-made, non-electrical, hybrid plants. These plants undergo a photosynthesis process. This is usually referred to as CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism) photosynthesis. This process makes hybrid plants more adaptable and survive better in challenging environments. Hybrid plants are usually two species of an original or non-original plant and fused together to become a new species. Although one hybrid plant may contain two original species, it’ll still have an incomplete structure because it isn’t the way that nature intended it to be. With hybrid plants the cell anatomy is changed and alterations must be made while creating the plant so that it is able to thrive and survive.

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