Dying to Feel Better

by Naomi Chapman
  • Book Author : Naomi Chapman
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  • Category : Teen & Young Adult
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Book Description

The senior year of high school, so much to look forward to. Prom coming up, college applications to fill out, college scholarships to apply for and graduation. A year of fun, parties, hanging out with friends and making memories. It's a great year in any person's life. Unless you attend Foster High School, where a tragedy takes place and turns the lives of students upside down. Dying to Feel Better is about a group of high school friends that try to come to terms with the loss of Melonie. Melonie committed suicide after getting into a fight and breaking up with her boyfriend Seth. When the friends suspect that Seth is thinking of committing suicide Ethan, Brooke and Kate try to help. Despite being a fiction novel, there are still many issues being dealt with such as loss, peer pressure, relationships, fears of planning for the future, and true friendship. It follows the lives of a group of students; Ethan, Brooke, Kate, Wendy, Troy, Seth. Ethan has relationship problems with his girlfriend Wendy. Kate secretly has a crush on Ethan. Her best friend and his cousin Brooke finds out. Brooke is dating Melonie's brother Troy; who is struggling with loss of his sister and blaming Seth for her death. Some relationships will end and new ones begin. Friendships grow stronger. In the end there is only one question that remains. Will Seth commit suicide?

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