Easiest-Ever Friendship Bracelets That You Can Make… …Definitely!

by Gail McGaffigan

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Book Description

Do you try to make friendship bracelets, but keep getting tied up in knots? This book makes it so easy, even your dog can do it...OK, well maybe not quite that easy, but easy enough for you to have some good-looking wrist-candy when you show up for school Monday morning! Crystal-clear - and sometimes silly - instructions will keep you smiling while you learn, and before you know it, all your friends will want to learn the secret of how you got so good at making friendship bracelets.This book is geared toward beginners or those who wish to have a clear guide for teaching beginners. Recommended for ages 10+, possibly younger with guidance. Beware, Mom, you might find yourself sucked into the friendship-bracelet vortex; it's THAT addictive...

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