Easy Habit Mastery: 30 Easy Habits To Boost Your Health, Happiness, And Success

by T.C. Peterson

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Book Description

Want to take control of your life? Need easy habits for significant results? Do you want to be healthier, happier and more successful? Getting excited about changing your life is easy. You pick up a book that promises to help, and you begin to do the work. But a couple of weeks go by, and you find yourself right back where you started. The truth is that most habits books often fail to recognize that there are limits to willpower and the amount of time that we have to work on developing new habits. Easy Habit Mastery is different because it's specifically designed to help you start off small and get significant results. Easy Habit Mastery gives you thirty easy habits that you can start practicing right away but don't be fooled by their simplicity. Many of them are foundational blocks, and I will show you how to build on them to get a lifetime of rewards. In Easy Habit Mastery you will discover: Diet & Exercise Habits that you can easily stick to Mental Habits that will help to clear and focus your mind Personal Growth Habits that will push you to fulfill your potential Financial Habits that will set you on a path to financial freedom and stability Relationship Habits that will show you how to develop a happy, long lasting relationship Work & Business Habits that will help you to rise above the competition and succeed Grab this guide today to learn how to create the life that you want.

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