by Michael Dunderdale

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Book Description

The past is always present. World War 1. You’re 17 years old, stood in a front line trench waiting for the order to advance. You’ve been listening to shells exploding for hours, softening up the enemy positions but you know that once you break cover you will be exposed to their bullets and artillery. The men around you are shaking and being physically sick. One is even sobbing. You think about your family and wonder whether you will ever see them again. Just yards away, your bitter rival is preparing to lead the attack. He looks calm and unflustered. At your side is your younger brother who has followed you into the war. How do you feel? When 8 year old Jack Taylor mischievously steps into the Rolls Royce he is unaware of the consequences his action will have on himself and those around him. The repercussions of this single act lead to his family being driven to the brink of poverty, he and his brother (Archie) having to face terrible dangers, the start of a bitter feud with an upper class rival and the first hint of a love which could last a lifetime. As the shadow of the Great War looms over the village of Hambridge and events threaten to overwhelm Jack and his family, can he protect the people he loves? An epic story of love, friendship, rivalry and betrayal. After a childhood accident, two boys become embroiled in a feud which threatens to engulf them and their families as secrets are revealed and lies are exposed in the turmoil of the First World War.

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