Edelaine’s Folly: Book One of the Idoramin Chronicles

by Morigan Shaw

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Book Description

A coming-of-age, epic fantasy adventure, filled with swords, magic, and quests, Edelaine’s Folly is the launch point of the Chronicles of Idoramin series. A book of tragedy and hope, of magic and blades, and the struggle and balance between what is light, and the realization that light cannot exist without the darkness. Nor can one use the light, with some darkness to pay. Cali Flynn’s life is over. At least that’s how she sees it. Thrust into a destiny she doesn’t want, a family legacy she never knew, and forced to trust in an unknown strength she doesn’t understand. An unseen threat, hidden and lost to legend for generations, unveils its presence. With the evil no longer lurking in the shadows, Cali must find a way to accept this life that’s been dropped on her, learn her own strength, and forge a path forward, all while dealing with the tragedy that came upon them like thieves in the night. If Cali can’t find a way to bring everyone together and convince them of the looming danger, Edelaine, and all Idoramin, could be lost forever.

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