Egomaniac: Transform Your Ego (A Guide For Men And Women)

by Mary Johnson

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Book Description

LEARN HOW TO WORK WITH YOUR EGO Do you know someone who is obsessed with his or her ego? Do you have control over your ego or does your ego have control over you? Do you want a quick and easy guide that will help you to understand egomania and find ways to work with it? Your step-by-step guide: The first step toward change is awareness. This book illustrates all basics that you need to know about your ego and egomaniacs. You will learn what the ego is and how to work with it. You will get step by step instructions how to transform it. You will learn: How to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Difference between healthy and unhealthy confidence. The importance of leading by example. How to find love inside of you. And much more.

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