EMAILS FROM CHINA [Two Aussie Teachers]

by Robert Mitchell

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Book Description

These are the emails which we sent home to Australia from the two schools in China at which we were teachers. They were written as our lives progressed from day to day. Our thoughts were written down as we then felt them, not a year or more later when memories had dimmed. They were written days and sometimes only hours after the experiences and emotions which they describe. They were written to friends from whom nothing was held back. They describe the schools, the teachers, the students, places we visited and the experiences which took over the greater part of our lives during those two years. The emails are as they were originally written. They contain the normal errors and bad grammar that go to make up emails. They have not been edited, they have not been censored, nor have they been sanitised. The 84,623 words comprised herein are, as the title states, emails from China.

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