End Time (The End Time Saga Book 1)

by Daniel Greene
  • Book Author : Daniel Greene
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Book Description

The End Time Saga is a zombie apocalypse thriller that focuses on the military, political, and civilian responses to the outbreak of a deadly virus raising the dead. Fans love the multiple viewpoints as Daniel Greene gives them a 360-degree view of the unfolding apocalypse. Readers will get in tight with a team of counterterrorism agents as they fight to keep a doctor alive, they will step into the shoes of an African warlord who will do anything to survive and throw on a HAZMAT suit with a CDC doctor as he tries to do the unthinkable and stop the virus. As the series continues, readers will step up to the pulpit with a maniacal pastor and his cult. They will sync with a Red Cross worker who finds herself leading a small community in Iowa, lock and load with a Special Forces unit led by a retired Air Force colonel, you’ll ride with a biker gang, and fall in with a community of refugees on Lake Michigan led by a fiercely independent pot-smoking woman. Then there’s a Marine major who leads an isolated outpost of Marines on the northern flank. Each character brings their own unique take on the apocalypse, drawing the reader into a vast and complex world where any wrong move could be their last.

Daniel Greene


Daniel is the award-winning debut author of The End Time Saga and the historical fiction Northern Wolf Series. Whether it's a saber charge in the American Civil War or a gun battle between two rival bands surviving a hellish landscape, he is known for his ability to embed every page with fast-paced action. He loves to bring readers into the minds of several characters, building complex and interweaving storylines. He is an avid traveler and physical fitness enthusiast with a deep passion for history. The works of George R.R. Martin, Steven Pressfield, Bernard Cornwell, and George Romero, have inspired his work. Although he is a Midwesterner for life, he's lived in Virginia long enough to consider it home.

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