by A.C. Heller

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Book Description

Buckle up, Buttercup, because it's about to get weird... My name is Alex Black and I am a Sin-Eater. No, not a Sin-Eater. THE Sin-Eater. You see only one of my kind can exist at a time so when I kick the bucket? Yep, you guessed it. Another will take my place. But hey, everyone has an expiration date right? I'm no different from you... Except that I can purge a demonic soul from a possessed human. Yeah, except for that. Oh, and I'm not talking full-on exorcism stuff here. I mean with my own two hands. And I'll give you one guess where that demonic soul ends up? That's right! Inside me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging. I wouldn't wish this sh*t on my worst enemy... Well, actually I might. Anyway, this has been my day to day for the last ten years. And it was going great, until a Fallen Angel seeks me out. Apparently he needs my help but he said I wasn't ready yet. Whatever the hell that means. Unable to shake him I end up learning from him and dare I say it, befriending his annoying ass. But D was really just the beginning. After that my life pretty much explodes in my face. Between my Sin-Eater duties I end up being rescued by another Fallen Angel. Which was super unfortunate... Mainly because he's an ass. All of my life I've tried to fly solo but these Fallen and their group of angel-baby-hybrids are making it pretty damn hard. Because with them comes someone from my past that I just can't ignore... So when The Demon Lord of Envy comes out of the

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