by Luis Alberto Salinas Segura
  • Book Author : Luis Alberto Salinas Segura
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

Pedro, official, statistician by profession, could enjoy a quiet life, however he does not feel fully accomplished, even more, it could be said that he is engulfed in a slight depression, a depression that could increase if he neglects his physical and mental health. His wife, Eurídice, doctor, tries to help him.But however little accomplished that he feels, Pedro is still an intelligent man, a man with a deep knowledge of statistics, who knows how, most of the time, information is manipulated and that the odd thing is to offer raw and objective figures.A new epidemic looms over Spain, a strange spread scares. How can the press handle the information? The press knows that an excessive alert can create panic in the social mass, but can not resist the juicy alarming news, claiming that it is what the population demands.What felt like simple syndromes due to stress seems to be gaining strength, growing from its own reputation and becoming something that could be alarming worldwide and that, however, seems mysteriously circumscribed to the territory of two countries.

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