Eraden Tales and the Sword of Black Light

by Kristin Vincent

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Book Description

In a world threatened by war and riddled with deep mysteries of the past, the fate of the future rests solely on one boy's shoulders. But before that future can be saved, an ancient curse must be broken. Covered in thick forests, bright rivers and tall mountains of brown or white, the world of Eraden is a place touched by magic - and here in a forest far to the west, lived a young man by the name of Cadfayel. It all started with the sword his grandfather had given to him so many years back. Only in recent days, something strange had come over that blade. Streaks of dark gray ran across the once white blade. Why this was? The boy wouldn't stop until he found out. And he would; and with it begins what would be the boy's destiny: The quest to restore the blade that is Eraden's strength and battle the one who sought Eraden's conquest hundreds of years ago. Along the way, Cadfayel will meet new friends and allies such as a cheery dwarf, an obnoxious little goblin, a mysterious dark elf, the most nervous diplomat the lands had ever seen, a swordsman with a hidden past, and an adventurous, brave-hearted girl called Tenri. Friends and plenty of enemies as well; one who is none other than the dark East King himself and his army behind him. Join Cadfayel and his friends as they set off through forests, up towering mountains, deep within an ancient maze - fighting against those who desire nothing more than to blot out the future's light - to ensure Eraden's future and free

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