Essential Oils Guide: Aromatherapy for Health, Healing, and Emotional Balance

by Gabriel Kennedy
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Book Description

It is my goal to provide you with everything you need to know about essential oils. In this book, we will explore more than one hundred different oils and their various properties, as well as the many different uses of essential oils. You will also find countless recipes for creating your own essential oil blends.In the chapters to follow, you will read about the history of essential oils and how best to use these oils. The uses of essential oils are as diverse as they are broad, and in this book you will learn what purposes they can be used for and how to get the most out of them. Essential oils can be used to perform a multitude of tasks, often removing the need for chemicals, and we will take a look at how to make everything from shampoos and soaps to pest repellants, and even crafts items.Essential oils are used for a wide range of medicinal purposes, including aromatherapy. They are also used in hair and skin care, massage, bathing, and steam inhalation, as well as for a variety of household purposes such as cleaning, disinfecting, air freshening, and more. As you progress through this book, you will have the opportunity to gain insights and knowledge about essential oils, from their unique benefits and uses to how to create your own essential oil blends that are just right for your home.

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