Essential Oils: The Young Living Book Guide of Natural Remedies for Beginners for Pets, For Dogs

by Lela Gibson

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Book Description

Since you are reading this, you love your pet and because you know the benefits of essential oils, you want your pet to enjoy the benefits of essential oils just as you do. Essential oils are important to us for many reasons; they are also important to pets. For pets, most of these reasons are no different. Whether you want to improve your dog’s digestive function, skin, respiration, immune support for seasonal and environmental health or even for purposes of repelling insects, with the essential oils we are going to talk about today, you can do that safely and naturally. More specifically, we will discuss the right types of essential oils, the proper application process, and something about the essential oils issues that have made it difficult for cautious folks to use these oils on their pets. First, there are different forms of essential oils available today and animals metabolize and react differently to each of them. This alone has become a major concern. It is thus important that we all understand things such as the species-specific differences before using the essential oils. In addition, many vets often observe a big problem in their clinics: issues related to overusing of essential oils—people discover essential oils and wildly start diffusing them into their homes and end up creating unintentional overdoses for their pets—we shall discuss and clarify this issue.

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