Essential Reading in Science Fiction

by David K Scholes
  • Book Author : David K Scholes
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Book Description

Essential Reading in Science Fiction contains 24 short science fiction stories that are fast, action packed, varied, entertaining and easy to read. In Battle at Time's End, Times Guardian makes one last throw of the dice against Fate, calling on a great champion from the past. In The Tribunal, the Galactic War Tribunal operates under a quite different basis to Nuremburg. The Safest Place in the Universe is just that, though for different reasons than you might think. The child of an alien shapeshifter father and Earth mother is of considerable importance to human history in The Shifter Child. In Star Ravagers impossibly alien life forms seek to consume our Sun, while in Final Revenge the rape of future humanity is avenged. An extra-dimensional visitor seeks to help an Earth besieged by both aliens and alien gods in A Long Way from Home. While to the advanced inhabitants of Lhorran 4, Visitor 51347 is not at all what he seems to be. In Internet Writer a reclusive writer achieves fame beyond his wildest dreams, without even knowing it

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