Everest Trekking With Kids: Adventures to Base Camps in Nepal and Tibet

by Neil Mundell

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Book Description

This is an inspirational tale of one family’s international achievement in the face of adversity. In 2014, the Mundell family embarked on a spectacular adventure. After introducing their children to the thrills of mountaineering, they ascended to the Mt. Everest Base Camp in Tibet. The children, aged 6 and 7, became the youngest in the world to make such a trek. But their adventure was just beginning... After a brutal earthquake decimates Nepal in 2015, the area's vital tourism industry collapses. The family is shocked and determined to help, and decide to promote trekking in the region. Following a year of intense planning and preparation, they set off on another inspiring journey: an ascent to Everest's Nepal Base Camp and beyond... a trek even more challenging than their previous ascent. Trekking experts warn them the expedition is virtually impossible for children, but the family refuse to give up. They are determined to make the ascent together, as a family. Braving freezing temperatures, treacherous monsoons, and avoiding altitude sickness, they prove that anything is possible for a family that loves each other, and works together to make their dreams come true. The breath-taking beauty of Mt. Everest and the resilience of its people form the backdrop of this heart warming, real-life adventure.

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