Execution of Faith

by Stephen Taylor

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Book Description

MONEY IS POWER... MONEY IS EVERYTHING... REMOVE A COUNTRIES MONEY AND YOU REMOVE THE COUNTRY. Introducing Danny Pearson in his first outing. In this Supercharged Action Packer Thriller. Religious extremist group The Faith fund their key members in London to bring about the end of the western world. Driven by revenge and hatred computer expert Marcus Tenby is close to completing a cyberattack on an unimaginably scale. When Ex SAS soldier Danny Pearson returns home to London. An innocent request for help inadvertently drags him into a dangerous world of terrorist and hired killers. As the body count rises and the plot unfolds. Danny must use all his skills and former training to track down Marcus Tenby and stop the attack. In a race against time he must take on an enemy from his past and track down the enemy of our future. It’s a deadly journey that will take him from London to New York and beyond.

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