Exiled: Keepers of the Stone Book Two

by Andrew Anzur Clement

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Book Description

A doomed princess. A deadly gambit. A Prophecy that could determine history’s fate. Malka thought she’d finally come up with a plan for keeping the Fragment from the Urumi’s dark Order. Then it all blew up in her face. She and Liza must find a new one, while making their way across the American West in time to rescue Henry. Bozhena has ensnared him in her own ploy to wrest the Fragment into the hands of the demons’ Order – and unleash it’s unbridled chaos upon the world. The situation seems clear. Then Malka makes a shocking discovery about her past. One that could alter the Fragment’s destiny and her own. The answers she seeks may lie in the history of another land she knows nothing about. To get them, they will have to depend on the one person Liza most hoped to never see again. In Europe, Stas continues to grieve for Nell’s loss. Then one night, learns his closest friend might still be alive, in great danger – and could hold the key to the Fragment’s fate. Stas knows he has to try and find her. This time though, doing so will require him to reject all he’s ever believed in – including himself. The even bigger question is: can he trust the information’s source? As more about their situation is revealed, Malka, Liza and Stas grapple with their place in an eons-spanning, supernatural power struggle – where the line between good and evil quickly becomes blurred. The slight misstep could result in the failure of their quest – and the rise of total anarchy.

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